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  • 21 Jul 2018

    MongoDB vs PostgreSQL

    MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL database program, it uses JSON-like documents with schemas. PostgreSQL is a relation...

  • 18 Jul 2018

    Python internal data structures

    Python has different implementations, CPython and Python-JIT are popular ones. List— Lists are implemented as C lik...

  • 11 Jul 2018

    LLVM insert instruction to each basic block

    Advanced LLVM for grad students. LLVM is a machine independent intermediate representation of an application source. ...

  • 25 Jun 2018

    Machine Learning References

    Machine Learning references... [Here] 41 Essential Machine Learning Interview Questions & answers by Roger ...

  • 25 Jun 2018

    Machine Learning Part-1

    Machine Learning...Steps of using machine learning: Retrieve data. Clean data. Identify features or label data. S...

  • 19 Jun 2018

    Linux low-latency

    Linux low-latency related knowledgeAn attempt to gather resources on low-latency linux. Musicians use low-latency lin...

  • 19 Jun 2018

    Git revert to previous commit

    Git revert to previous commitAfter several commits to your git repository, if you would like to go back to a previous...

  • 12 Jun 2018

    NVIDIA CUDA Sample

    NVIDIA CUDA Practice tutorialThe purpose of this post is to get started with CUDA programming. I will try to add more...

  • 07 Jun 2018

    Pre-order LISP Expression Parsing

    Expression parsing in Python-Suppose you are given an expression (in language like LISP) where operator precedes the ...

  • 10 May 2018

    Top tech companies in US

    Top tech companies to work forFollowing is a laundry list of great tech companies in US, a good friend once shared wi...

  • 19 Apr 2018

    Sklearn SciPy NumPy Pandas Keras cheatsheet pdfs

  • 19 Apr 2018

    Design tinyurl encode decode python

    Design tinyUrl..TinyURL is a URL shortening service. You enter a URL such as

  • 12 Apr 2018

    Linux large file search

    In this post, we will see how to list largest files or directories in linux.du -aBM 2>/dev/null | sort -nr | head ...

  • 12 Mar 2017

    Convert PDF to PNG JPG in Ubuntu

    In this post, we will see how to covert PDF files to high quality JPG PNG or any other formats in Ubuntu using ImageM...

  • 03 Mar 2017

    SST macro installation

    In this post, we are going to install hpc modeling software.What is sst-macro?A HPC simulator for interconnection and...

  • 01 Mar 2017

    C Strings

    Working with strings in C. C doesnt have explicit string data type. We can pass strings as arguments. To save the st...

  • 15 Dec 2014

    Post Formatting in Jakyll

    This post talks about formatting and markup in jekyll. This is the intro paragraph of a post.Heading 1Heading 2Headin...

  • 14 Dec 2014

    Featured Image

    Lorem ipsum thor smash liege-bastogne-liege landbouwkrediet ombregt krabbe, rouleur derby is for lovers bonk giro gil...

  • 12 Dec 2014

    Working with images:

    Lorem ipsum thor smash liege-bastogne-liege landbouwkrediet ombregt krabbe, rouleur derby is for lovers bonk giro gil...

  • 19 Nov 2014

    LXC Ubuntu 12.04 Creating containers with veth and Setting IP hwaddr

    LXC containers in ubuntuCreating LXC containers in ubuntu 12.04 LTS and setting IP, vethSay you dont want to use the ...

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