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Bootstrapped Resume
Thanks for stopping by. I am Software Development Engineer based in Seattle at Amazon Web Services (AWS). I am working on AWS Amazon Aurora where we are building worlds most avilable and robust distributed cloud database. My work Amazon Aurora focuses on resource management and serververless architecture. Previously, I worked on performance modeling of high-performance computing systems and applications. I have experience with distributed systems, parallel systems, performance modeling, and simulation.

Research Interests: distributed systems, performance modeling, HPC, simulation, PDES, distributed systems, software defined networking, emulation.


  • Software Development Engineer 2, January 2019 -- 2022.
    • Amazon Inc., Amazon Web Services (AWS), Seattle, WA, US.
    • Job responsibility: Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database performance, capacity and availability related projects.
  • Graduate Research Intern, Summer 2015.
    • Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, New Mexico, US.
    • Job responsibility: Improving the accuracy of parallel application performance prediction by implementing CRAY's Gemini torus interconnection.
  • Research Assistant, Summer 2013 - Fall 2018
    • Computer Science, Florida International university (FIU), Miami, FL, US.
    • Job responsibility: Real-time distributed simulation and emulation, Parallel application and system performance prediction.



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Me, my village and my country...

Sunrise in Sandwip
Photo taken at Seven Miles Bridge, Florida Keys Sunrise at Sandwip, photo captured by John Stanlake. I spent a good part of my childhood in Sandwip, an island in Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

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