The Day Of Your Interview

March 19, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

Today is the day of your interview. Here are several things to get you through the day.

  1. Keep your composure. Take a deep breath if you are stressed.
  2. Greet your interviewer. Put on a smile.
  3. Listen and let them finish before you jump in.
  4. Ask questions as you go.
  5. Think loud if you are thinking of a solution they might be interested in.
  6. Explain your approach and agree on a solution before jumping on to a board/computer.
  7. Always talk about time and space complexity and how your programming language handles the data structures you are using.
  8. If you know multiple solutions talk about all of them one by one. Such as, I can solve this with bruteforce but it has O(n^3) complexity but we can do better…….
  9. There will be a lot of questions about your experience try to answer them using STAR or SAR method in light of the companies principles. Such as “think different”, “be you/instinctive” philosophy at Apple.
  10. Thank your interviewer for taking their time interviewing you and greet them bye regardless of the interview outcome.

All the best